The Jigsaw Project will change the economic landscape for all people with a disability because it targets the capability of businesses to provide sustainable opportunities for employment. We believe that inclusive workplaces that promote and value diversity should be mainstream. This initiative will work alongside existing Disability Employment Services to complete the picture through ensuring workplaces are well equipped and engaged with the value of employing a person with a disability.
The Jigsaw Project is committed to building a stronger and more capable community. The project will deliver increased opportunities for people to engage with employers in the Townsville region by targeting concerns that may limit the confidence of workplaces to commit to working with people from diverse backgrounds. It is driven by the confidence that employers do genuinely want to give people opportunities but that they need support to engage effectively to lead this change.
Townsville is a strong, well connected and tight knit regional community center. The town has enormous capacity for inclusion, is well known as test market nationally and was a trial site for the NDIS roll out in 2016. The project will target the gap between disability employment services, providers, and the business that drive economic and social participation for the region.
The Jigsaw Project draws upon the lived experience of local people who have achieved social and economic independence through inclusive community action and employment in disability done right. It will highlight the strengths of services that exist and make navigation of all services that are available easier, especially for those businesses with no prior experience of working in this space.
Fundamentally, Jigsaw provides a unique approach to bridge the gap between people with disability and the business industry with its primary focus on enabling and empowering employers to take on people with disability. This directly influences how people with disability are integrated into the broader community and workforce, rather than being segregated into disability-constrained employment opportunities and organisations.